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27th May 2019 
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Reflexology. reflexology


Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary therapy which only requires a client to remove footwear.

Reflexology can help to relieve anxiety and tension, encourage relaxation, improve mood and aid sleep though some people use it to help them cope with more specific health challenges.

Reflexology is often used alongside conventional care in hospices, hospitals and other healthcare settings such as care homes to help support patients with a variety of conditions.

As a reflexologist I do not claim to cure conditions or to diagnose or prescribe. The effects felt after a reflexology session will vary from one individual to another and it is not possible for me to say how you will feel afterwards.

During a reflexology session I will work on specific points on the feet and sometimes the hands which are believed to have links to all the major organs and glands and body parts. I use my fingers and thumbs and sometimes knuckles to apply pressure. You may experience a variety of sensations and may feel deeply relaxed.

There have been some positive research projects about reflexology but claims cannot be made about its effectiveness as the research samples have not been large enough.

With everyday life for many people becoming more stressful, reflexology is just one of the ways that may help to reduce the negative impact of stressful situations. It is important also to consider diet, alcohol and tobacco use, exercise and occupational demands. A useful website is

I am always looking for new ways of developing the therapies that I already offer and I am now very excited to provide something new. I believe that Facial Reflexology as a stand alone therapy will offer the same health benefits to people who really don’t like having their feet touched and will also be a wonderful addition to foot reflexology, Indian Head massage and Body massage.
I had my first facial Reflexology session a few weeks before my daughter’s wedding. I left the session feeling totally relaxed with my complexion looking radiant. Not only did it give me the benefits I experience from foot reflexology I felt as though I had had a mini facial too!
I have been fortunate to train with Ziggie Bergman the creator of Bergman Facial Reflexology who has celebrities from all over the world come to her for Facial Reflexology.

The benefits of Facial Reflexology
•Aims to relieve the effects of stress
•Aims to improve the circulation to the face and head area which allows a better exchange of oxygen, nutrients, carbon dioxide and waste products
•Improves lymphatic drainage which assists the removal of waste products and toxins
•It is possible for the reflexologist to feel areas on the face that may indicate that the body’s internal organs are not functioning as well as they could. This is the same as in foot or hand reflexology.
•By relieving tension in the muscle tissue in the face skin looks less tired
•Helps to relieve mental strain and improve concentration
•Can greatly assist in relieving the discomfort and pain of sinus congestion or hay fever symptoms
•Has a positive rejuvenating effect on the skin leaving the face radiant and glowing
•Brings about an overall feeling of calmness and relaxation
•A series of sessions will help to build up a new layer of skin tissue and improve skin tone so you should see a reduction in lines and wrinkles. The body’s healing mechanisms will be stimulated from the inside as well as the outside so clients notice that not only are they feeling better but they are also looking better too.

Who is it suitable for?
Facial Reflexology is suitable for all ages of client from children to the elderly and for both male and female clients.

Can I have Facial Reflexology if I have had a face lift or Botox or fillers on my face?
After a face lift it is important to leave a three month gap before enjoying Facial Reflexology. There would need to be a six week gap after Botox and 6-8 weeks after fillers before you can receive facial reflexology.

Are there any other reasons when Facial Reflexology might not be possible?
If you are a new client a consultation will need to be carried out to ensure there are no contraindications to reflexology. If you have any open wounds on your face or any infectious skin conditions facial reflexology will not be possible until the conditions have healed.
As I am trained in pregnancy massage and reflexology I am fully aware of all specific contraindications that sometimes occur during this exciting time of your life.

The Facial Reflexology session
After removing your jewellery, you will be made comfortable on my couch or reflexology chair before I lightly clean your face. This is to allow the oil that I use for the treatment to be absorbed by the skin. I will leave eye make up untouched. I use only oils which are organically certified, my own preference being Neal’s Yard products which have undergone rigorous testing procedures before being sold.
After a few movements to relax you I will apply the oil before I work on a series of reflex points on your face using my thumbs, fingers and a special tool. You may find that you quickly fall asleep or become very deeply relaxed. Towards the end of the treatment I will ask you to take a few deep breaths before using some gentle tapping and squeezing movements to bring you gradually back into the real world again.
Before you leave you will be given water to drink while you are relaxing.

After the treatment
•Drink plenty of water for 24 hours after the treatment to help toxins move out of the body
•If possible avoid wearing make up for at least an hour to allow the skin to breathe
•If possible, rest as much as you can to allow the body ‘s healing mechanisms to act
•Avoid stimulants such as tea, coffee, alcohol and non- prescribed drugs for 24 hours as these may affect the way the body detoxifies. It is best to avoid eating a heavy meal for at least 1 hour after a treatment.
•If you have to drive you may find that your reactions are slower
•If you feel cold, thirsty, have a mild headache, feel emotional, sleepy, have a runny nose or are making more frequent trips to the toilet, these are all normal reactions which indicate that the body is getting rid of toxins and is part of the healing process.

As with any therapy the full benefits of Facial Reflexology will be noticed more after 4-6 treatments.

Reflexology for preconceptual care
Having a baby is a lifetime committment so by taking the time now to get yourselves in the best possible physical health and giving yourselves time emotionally to prepare for a new person in your lives will help to lay the foundations for a healthy pregnancy. I will discuss with you your diet and lifestyle and suggest any changes that may increase the likelihood of a succesful conception.

Women who have recently stopped taking the contraceptive pill may find that their menstrual cycle takes a while to re-establish.

Sperm take three months to mature so any changes to lifestyle and diet made will not have immediate impact so it is worth planning ahead.

Sub -fertility
Sub fertility can occur in both men and women. Despite being fertile a couple find that they cannot conceive. Stress, life style, and physical health may contribute to sub fertility. For many couples there seems to be no reason. This can put emotional strains on both partners.

When I meet with a couple we look at working patterns, diet,weight (being very overweight or underwieght can affect ability to conceive), alcohol consumption, exercise and look back over their recent and life long medical histories to identify any possible contributory factors.

Once a couple have decided that they want a baby every month that a pregnancy doesn't occur can place immense pressure on them.Having reflexology during this time may help couples to relax and feel less stressed about the situation.

Assisted Conception

For some couples the only way to achieve a pregnancy is to have assisted conception. This may be the women taking medication such as clomid to stimulate ovulation or it may involve IVF or ICSI.

This is a physically and emotionally demanding time during which I work using a clear protocol to ensure that I am supporting each stage of the process.

When assisted conception is taking place the balancing and calming qualities that reflexology may produce may complement the medical procedures. For this reason some fertility clinics employ reflexologists.

N.B. When assisted conception is planned medical permission is needed for reflexology treatments to take place.

Reflexology for preconception and sub fertility may have greater benefit when both partners are treated.This will depend on individual circumstances and I can advise on this.

Reflexology during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very exciting time whether or not it is your first baby however the influence of hormones during pregnancy and the developing life within you create a time of total transition for you. Reflexology can be used safely throughout pregnancy for most women but I always take a full and detailed history to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for you. Before each reflexology session during pregnancy I will ask about recent appointments with your midwife or consultant to check if there is any new information which is relevant to receiving reflexology.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence from pregnant women that reflexology has supported them during their pregnancy by relieving minor ailments and physical discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, back ache, swollen ankles and fingers and insomnia. Two recent studies of reflexology in pregnancy have shown that it has reduced pain during labour (1),reduced the length of the first stage (1) and improved quality of sleep in women post-natally(2)

If the pregnancy goes beyond the due date although there is no research evidence to show that reflexology may naturally induce labour, the general view is that it will support the body in preparation for labour and help you to relax.

Gift Vouchers make a wonderful present for a new mum. Why not spoil someone you know who has just had a baby?

I have completed specialist courses in Reproductive Reflexology with Barbara Scott and Maternity Reflexology run by Susanne Enzer which covers all aspects from pre- conception to post natal so you can feel assured that you are receiving the best possible care at all times.

(1) Valiani M et al (2010)Reviewing the effect of reflexology on painand outcomes of the labour of primioparous women Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research p.302-310
(2) LI-C-Y et al (2011) Randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness ofusing foot reflexology to improve the quality of sleep amongst post-partum womenMidwifery 27 p181-186