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Touch For Health
27th May 2019 
Touch For Health
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What is Touch For Health?

Touch For Health is part of the complementary health area known as Kinesiology.

Touch For Health works with the body's energy to maintain overall health and enhance well being. It does not aim to diagnose or treat individual symptoms.

A Touch For Health balance aims to improve postural balance and reduce physical and emotional pain and tension using acupressure, touch and massage.

What happens during a Touch For Health balance?

If this is the first time that I have met you I will start with a consultation which includes a full medical history as well as looking at your lifestyle.

If you are already a client we will start with a discussion around what you would like to change in your life. This could be related to a physical issue, your personal performance or an emotional issue. Together we will set a realistic goal for the session.

We will then start to identify and correct imbalances in your body.

To do this I will test muscles throughout your body to give information about where there may be energy imbalances or blockages and how the body is functioning generally.

I use a gentle pressure on your arms and legs which are acting as levers to give me access to muscles all over your body to gain feedback.

How do you correct the imbalances?

Once at least fourteen muscles have been assessed and imbalances are pinpointed we can look at how to correct them. This can be done using neuro lymphatic massage points, holding neuro vascular points, working on the muscle, acupressure holding, nutritional testing or emotional responses.

After the corrections have taken place I will retest any muscles which 'unlocked' to see if any further corrections are needed.

How long will it take?
Allow 45 minutes to an hour

How will I feel afterwards?
Clients describe different feelings depending on their goal. It may be an improvement if there was physical pain or calmer and more grounded if there was an emotional goal. Some people just say that they feel more balanced!
Your body is now ready to cope more effectively to reduce pain, illness and imbalances.

Benefits of Touch For Health
(from John Thie's Touch For Health, the complete edition 2005)

1. Increase vitality, energy, balance and resilience
2. Discover a sense of meaning and purpose in your daily life
3. Increase optimum performance and personal best
4. Enhance healing and accelerate recovery
5. Discover and develop your natural healing ability
6. Augment your self care
7. A new level of health control